Thursday, April 3, 2014

Room 7

Room Seven.
What makes me happy in room seven is when I learn new things like working with Mrs Tui and when she shows us how to do maths work. It makes me happy when everyone is focused on their learning and Mrs Tui is happy with us.  I'm happy when our class plays sports and learn new stuff on the netbook.

What makes me unhappy in room seven is when Mrs Tui growls me off and other people.  And when she is mean to people like she talks in a mean way to them.  It makes me unhappy when we have bullies in our class, people showing off and when some of the boys pretend to accidently bump into others when they walking past them.  I'm unhappy when people don’t finish their work on time because of talking too much like me.  And it makes me unhappy when some people pretend to finish their work.  


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