Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Special person

My Special Person

I have a very intelligent
person in my life, she is beautiful, hard working and a good role model for all my family and cheers me up when I am not happy.

This person always looks after herself, works hard and she loves me so much.  She has fair skin and big brown eyes.  She is shorter than me, she has a healthy build and long brown hair and her smile makes her look beautiful.  

This person works really hard and she makes good money.  She works at Sacred Heart College as a kitchen hand.  If she’s not working for the school she’s helping her family in Tonga to pay for bills and other stuff. She also takes us places for family time, like family gatherings, parks and beaches.  This person is so special to me because she does a lot of things for us and other people and i think she is like Jesus helping others all the time.  And I am very grateful she is my mum. Thank you Lord for my mum!

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