Friday, November 8, 2013

Testing week

This week I felt very shy and scared. Because  the test was hard . and I Was A Bit scared of My teacher, But I think I went well on my test. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fraction Level 2

Show how to work out each question below

1. Tipene has 16 playstation games.  He gives half of them to his brother. games.  How many games did he give to his brother?

Tipene gives his Brother 8 playstation games  because I know that half of 16 is 8

2.  Jodi buys 24K-bars. She gives a quarter (1/4) to his brother.  How many did she give to her brother.

half of 24 is 12 and half of 12 is 6

3.  Ihipera has 15 picture books. She gives a third (1/3) of them away to a friend.  How many picture books did she give away?

I know that 1 third of 15 is 5 because I know that 5 x 3 =15

Leone Multiplication

Show how you work out these problems.

1.  A gardener planted 7 rows of cabbages.  Each row has 5 cabbages.  How many cabbages did plant altogether?

7-5 =
5x7 =35
i count in 5s

2.  I have 5 bags of lollies.  Each bag has 10 lollies.  How many lollies do I have in each bag?

5 x 10=50

3.   I have 24 pencils to put into 4 pencil cases.  How many pencils in each case?

I know that half of 24 is 12 and half of 12 is 6 and my answer is 6

4.  There are 30 apples to put into 3 boxes.  How many apples will be in each box?

30 divided by 3 is 10
So there are three boxes and ten of them in each boxes.


I am learning to solve Level 2 addition and subtractions using place value.

 1. There are 21 people at a beach, and 13 more people arrive. Show how to work out how many people are at the beach altogether.

21+13=? 20+10=30 30+10=40 and you add the 30 and the 4 together that makes 34 2 and 1 are not just ones. They are 10s. 2 tens and 1 tens = 3 tens.

 2 Two classes go on camp together. One class has 47 students and the other has 38. Show how to work out how many students go on camp

47 + 38 ? ✔ 40 + 30 = 70 ✔ 7 + 8 = 15 ✔ 15 + 70 = 85 ✔ This is good. you showed you understand using place value.

 3. A farmer has 63 cows. He buys 39 more cows. Show how to work out how many cows he has altogether.

63 + 39 ? 60 + 30 = 90 3 + 9 =12 12 + 90 =102 ✔ Great! We need to practise a lot more activities like this. POST

Friday, June 14, 2013

Description writing

I am learning to add detail to my description to my writing.  I have made a description writing of myself.  

I have dark brown eyes, I'm amusing and I'm a big build.  I'm tough, tall,  and I have straight, black, hair.  I'm a very bad boy, but sometimes I'm good.  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Dear god pleas help the poor people and the sick and wish them a happy Easter.

Triduum leone

My drawing is about the three main things of the triduum.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter liturgy

Today is a holy thursday. St Pius X Catholic school had a beautiful legiti
it was about easter. My role was to be Pilate  and it was all right when I looked like a real king  thats why I thought I looked awesome  and I did, I wanted to have the costume i was wearing.

I loved the music that the girls of St PIus X school played at mass time  


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Leone triathlon

Tuesday 12 march 2013...

Today Room 6 and 7  had Triathlon. Triathlon is about swimming, bike riding and running. The trainers name’s were Brett, lance,Blair and Adrian. The triathlon was so much fun.  Everyone was excited and I couldn’t wait until my first event started.

My first event was the water slide. This was awesome!  I went flying down the water slide like superman with a huge smile.  The water was hitting my face and the ground was so hard it was hurting my knees. When i got to the end, got up really fast
and started rubbing my knees as i walked to the start line again.The triathlon was so cool that i wished that we had triathlon every 2 weeks.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bio Poem.

Big,Funny, Sporty,
Sibling of Sini,Seini, Losana,Aiini
Lover of Rugby and Softball.
Who fears: Anaconda snake
Who needs: help when people sad
Who gives: Friendship
Who would like to see: Dad, Lennox Lewis
Resident of NZ