Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Leone Multiplication

Show how you work out these problems.

1.  A gardener planted 7 rows of cabbages.  Each row has 5 cabbages.  How many cabbages did plant altogether?

7-5 =
5x7 =35
i count in 5s

2.  I have 5 bags of lollies.  Each bag has 10 lollies.  How many lollies do I have in each bag?

5 x 10=50

3.   I have 24 pencils to put into 4 pencil cases.  How many pencils in each case?

I know that half of 24 is 12 and half of 12 is 6 and my answer is 6

4.  There are 30 apples to put into 3 boxes.  How many apples will be in each box?

30 divided by 3 is 10
So there are three boxes and ten of them in each boxes.

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  1. Hello I just saw you wonderful work and I was so surprise that you are talking about the 16 play station. Maybe next time you can use big bold writing and using more than 1 paragraph.